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Can You Help

  • We would like to grow the membership. Do you have any friends that may be interested in joining? If you do please click here for an application form or call 01628 473872.

  • We need helpers to help with Association events, especially with food preparation and setting up venues. If you are interested in helping please call 01628 521880

  • We require additional members to come forward and join the committee and /or stand for one of the officers of the Association.

  • If you have knowledge of running a special event (ferret racing, casino, horse races etc.) we would be very interested to hear from you and should we decide to proceed we would be grateful for your help in organising the event.

  • We often receive requests for accommodation for teenagers that would like to come to the UK for a few weeks in order to improve their English etc. In most cases they would like to stay with a family with a teenager of a similar age and also they expect the young person they stay with here to go for a short stay in France. If you have teenage children that would like to meet a French teenager and show him/her around please call 01628 473872.

  • We have been trying to establish pen-pals between children in Bourne End and Octeville sur Mer. If you child would like to participate please call 01628 473872.

  • We have on a number of occasions been asked if we could help find a company willing to take a young French person (normally a graduate) that wishes to gain experience of working abroad and improve their English. If you run a company and would be willing to employ a young French person please call 01628 521748.

  • We would like to further links between clubs and societies in Bourne End and those in Octeville sur Mer. Such links could provide a means whereby people with a common interest could get together, hold competitions or run joint events. Thereby adding interest and scope to their respective activities. If this sounds interesting and you would like to know if Octeville sur Mer has a similar club or society please call 01628 473872.