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 Frequently Asked Questions

No. Question Answer
1 Isn’t it jollies for the boys? All members of this Association must pay for their own travel.
2 Who can join? Anyone aged 18 years or over. Families welcomed.
3 Can Children join? Not in there own rights, as unaccompanied children would pose problems during visits. Children are expected to be part of a family group.
4 Can someone disabled join and take part in activities? Yes, provided they have a stable condition, can use normal passenger transportation (e.g. a coach), and can use at least a wheelchair for short distances.
5 Isn’t the association politically biased? The Association is apolitical and has no political views or aims.
6 What social events does the association hold? There are normally 5 or more social events per year plus the twinning visit. These are AGM and Reception, a Quiz Night, Annual Garden Party, an Autumn Dinner and a Galette Afternoon. In addition Ad hoc events such as Petanque Evenings may be held and participation in local events also take place.
7 What is the Purpose of the association? 1. To promote and foster friendship and understanding between the twinned communities.
2. To encourage visits by individuals and groups between the twinned communities and the development of personal contacts and by so doing to broaden their mutual understanding of the cultural, recreational, educational and commercial activities.
3. To organize fund-raising events to foster the aims of the Association.
8 Where does the Parish Council or District Council come in? They are not part of the initiative, take no active role in running the Association, have donated no money towards setting up or running, but support the aims of the Twinning Association.
9 Why does Bourne End have a Twinning Association when you can join Marlow’s? You can join Marlow’s Twinning Association if you want or you could try to do something for Bourne End to show our civic pride and bring the benefits of twinning to this community.
10 To be able to join the Association is speaking French a prerequisite? No, all Twinning Associations in the UK have many members that only speak English and their twins have members who do not speak English. There are normally no problems caused by this situation.
11 How can this be proper twinning when Bourne End isn’t a town? It is not necessary to be designated a town to participate in twinning. Villages such as Chalfont St. Giles are twinned and like us they don’t have the word town in their Association title.
12 What about Wooburn or Flackwell being part of the Association? There is no problem, anyone from Wooburn, Flackwell or anywhere locally can join the Association.
13 What is the name of our twin or where is our twin located? Our twin is Octeville sur Mer situated just north of Le Havre. See the Octeville webpage.
14 What are the annual membership fees? £10 per family, and £5 per single adult (18 years or over), plus £5 to cover distribution costs, if you don't use email.
15 How do I join the association? If you are over 18, just complete the application form and pay the annual fee and you are a member. Click here for an application form.
16 How often will visits to our twin take place and for how long? One year we will go to Octeville sur Mer, the next year they will come to Bourne End. To fit in with most peoples working life visits will normally be over a weekend and of 4/5 days. Special arrangements can be made to make it easy for hosts that work. There will also be Ad Hoc visits which will normally be for special events.
17 How much will it cost to go to visit our twin? This depends on how you travel to Octeville sur Mer. The Association organizes travel by coach and the cost depends on how many people will be travelling and the visit duration.
18 Where will we stay (where will they stay)? It is normal to stay in the homes of the twins' members. (They stay with members when they visit etc.).
19 Will we stay with the same people each time or do we have to meet strangers each time? This is up to the individuals concerned. Many long term friendships are formed and so normally you can request to be with the same people and every attempt will be made to meet your wishes.
20 As a member do I have to go on a visit or put someone up? It is not mandatory, and there will always be personal reasons why a visit is not convenient to everyone. Obviously to get the most out of the Association this would be best.